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what, you've never seen a bad ad before? you're probably working on one right now. keep your redundant comments to yourself.

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Normally I delete "wtf" comments. Please refrain from it. Please ellaborate on your opinion a bit more. ;)

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you can call me ignorant. I really dint know the culture of having the pups in the purse. So to me and many more, this ad does not really connect.

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Man.... please stop showing ads from middle East.... they just dont make any sense!

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A.G. Pennypacker
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There really is an idea here. It's targeted at snooty celebutant and society types (Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, etc), who like to go around carrying little dogs in their bags. I actually don't hate this ad.

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wow.. that's really an ok idea - IF you know that

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AND it's kind of sad if you work in advertising and don't have at least SOME grasp of pop culture. who hasn't seen starlets walking around with their pups in their purses? and not to mention, i like how you assume this message missed it's intended target not knowing anything about where it appeared. i won't make the same assumption. all i'll say is it's just ok at best.

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normally i look at an ad, not as someone working in advertising. you should try it, too! really helps to tell good ideas from those ivory tower ones

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i like it too.

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Yes man, but if you don't explain it with a post-it i can't understand this campaign!

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it does make sense.

it's in fashion to tote dogs in bags now.

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A pug! How cute! Put a pug in any ad and I'm sold.

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i understood it, not the best tho

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My opinion is that some agencies in the middle east are so desperate for awards, they're ready to produce any kind of ads. The more they produce, the more they "invade" the festivals. But it's not a good way of winning any prize. Quality is missing and it smells like ghost ads anyway.

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stephen chiu
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Sucks big time.

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ı agree with A.G.Pennypacker.but the ad could be more clear.

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whts wrong with u ,cant u get the idea at first time

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I think just because of the torrid response the first comment got... I will reiterate...


Cause this ad deserves no better.

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always stupid comments here...
c'mon guy, it's nice, simple.

if you don't understand it maybe you are an account!


if you can read this, make me a sandwich!

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Come on... It´s really okay. The execution is a bit boring for fashion perhaps. Does their bags look as boring?

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Lame ads and lame product! If someone actually purchases a bag that looks like a dog (I take it this is what this ad is about) then they are seriously deranged! Does this company make 'life like' human beings as dog toys too! And anyone who thinks this ad is good is seriously deranged too.

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I actually pee on my pants, I can't believe this!!! HAAAAHAHAHA This guy is hilarious. I can't believe he actually thinks that dog shaped bags is the product.


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ivan I think you should do a stupidest and best comment award every month, would be cool, and you can start with this one for the bar of one category ... guess?

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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it's a perfectly fine ad. it speaks directly to the WAGS or Paris Hiltons out there who like to carry their pet dogs with them. it makes perfect sense. i can't believe there are so many comments for this ad, well done to the creatives for getting a reaction, though i presume most of the comments are from guys...interesting....guess all female creatives got the ad...

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