Oxydo: Identity

John Lennon. Without his sunglasses.

Advertising Agency: Zooppa, Venice, Italy
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter / Illustrator: Matteo Ruisi
Copywriters: Matteo Ruisi, Sandro Inchingolo
Published: October 2007


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here come the italian ads again. love it.

The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Pablo Picasso

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lol... i frequently don't understand the italian ads...

maybe its a cultural thing, isnt it? or they just doesnt makes any sense?

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"Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage."

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@elgrecones, sometimes thinking out of the box is very much relevant here in old comfy Italy, otherwise people don't get really interested/involved in creativity and even brilliant ads can fail... according to me this is very true at least for niche products, like non-luxury quality shades

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interesting insight and creative route!!!
its great!!!


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Audrius Kubrik
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what's not to get? this ad is engaging. when you see this in the newspaper the chances are high that you will draw the glasses yourself. i just don't know what are the chances the guy will look anything like Lennon after that...

could've been a black and white photo. and the clothes are not what JL would wear.

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I agree, you're right.

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amen to that...

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idea here is: without glasses you become anyone. Lennon was recognized by her sun glasses, and glasses identify you !
If you need any explanation just let me know, and I can explain you...

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Ey, I´d rather be this guy than John BORING Lennon, dudes.

You should have chosen a duller person. This dude is way to charismatic.

Nice though.

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Clap. Clap. Where's the rest? Work on that tag if you can.

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Do you mean like:"The Blues Brothers. Without their sunglasses", "Stevie Wonder. Without his sunglasses", " Bono Vox. Without his sunglasses."?

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Yeah this idea has legs. I'm wondering if they really are the actors or people who look like them somewhat? And I would think long and hard about who you feature. Don't think I'd go down the road of a blind guy. And I've seen the blues bros without shades. Drew Carey (may not be famous enough) but you always see him with glasses. I can't tell if this is really Lennon at all. That's what makes me like it more. Again think the tag can be stronger.

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This ad is too easy to get. You don't need to say it as well as show it..

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you might be right. It may be enough to say John Lennon. And pay it off with a strong tag for a sunglass place.

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The idea is not bad and we understand even if the concept is old ...
Finalization is very bad. I hope it is a sketch. But next time, the sketch, keep in the drawer and show the final.

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kishore karumbaiah
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Shud hav paid some attention to dress code. Cud have been sumthin retro...like a checked shirt or a polo neck...nevertheless, great ad :) way to go!

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Good one...Love it totally!
For many their sunglasses are their identity or an integral part of their personality...

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Poor art direction.

The idea is good, not the final art.

But, Who cares?

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This one's very lame. John Lennon was recognized by his rounded glasses, not sunglasses. Besides that, he started wearing them after many years.

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This one's very lame. John Lennon was recognized for his rounded glasses, not sunglasses. Besides that, he started wearing them after many years.

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Да это же Высоцкий в "Вертикали".

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