Oxydo: Have protected sex, flute

Advertising Agency: Enfants Terribles, Italy
Creative Directors: Maurizio Ratti, Riccardo Quartesan
Strategic planner director: Valerio Franco
Project manager: Anna Mazzone
Art directors: Marìka Mangafà, Red Ant
Copywriter: Hilija Russo
Photographer: Matteo Bottin

October 2007


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67 pencils

Enfants Terribles and terrible ads.

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I'm not sure if i get it.
Do the glasses on his face suggest he is having protected sex?

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es idea mía o es malo este trabajo?
bueno o malo......la cosa es que no me gusta.....quizá no lo entiendo?

explíquenme por favor.

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es malo

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Falcon Rust

Non capisco cosa stia succedendo in Italia, ma la pubblicita' e' peggiorata moltissimo. per lo meno quello che vedo pubblicato qui. a partire da voi fino a DDB Milano.

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i dont get it. all the three . i dont get all.
who did this! smack him with my flute.


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lol seriously this is one of the worst ads i've seen in a long time..

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I do not know anything about this ad but I just hate the smile on his face.

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WTF! I don't get it. If I did, I'd probably hate it more.
These guys are giving creatives a bad name.

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If I'm not wrong "Enfants Terribles" means "Naughty Children" or "Bad Children" These guys give bad children a bad name.

Bad Children!!!

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special k
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what a idiot face.

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