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I can't seem to explain it but I like these ads. Great...

topawers's picture
139 pencils

That's because they have a good concept. Great job. A lot of the pieces on this blog rely so much on execution, and people forget that it's all about the concept.

a2o's picture
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Good strategy... Lot of posts may come reg the execution though...

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Abra Cadabra
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I'm not so sure about the explicit suicide imagery.

baz's picture
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I don’t mind them, but would have worked up the typography up a bit more, maybe embed the full points inside the preceding character to maintain the block type effect.


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Ok, so now you know that he is not your real father. And then you commite suicide as displayed by the dummy. So, when do you actually go and start reading fiction?

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Tero Ylitalo
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Maybe the real father commited the suicide instead?

Great, simple and also somewhat classy campaign.

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