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Great job guys. Hats off!

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These ads look quite striking and are mildly amusing. But they don't work. These 'truths' simply aren't true for most people, so they don't resonate and don't offer a real positive reason to read fiction. In other words they don't persuade.

What's the real reason people love fiction? I'd start there and keep going...!

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actually I do think they work. this type of line is supposed to trigger a quick smile and make you just stop and browse the shelves for a second. they do that.

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Raise a quick smile, maybe (at a stretch). Persuade me to read fiction or visit the bookstore, no.

Surely there's a more insightful solution here Krautland.

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The line is perfect

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First, like barbe said, that's not a universal truth, that line is for another context. Then, you don't need to avoid the truth, you need to face it, in order to be a better person, and to evolve. So if the truth hurts, that's a good thing, you don't want your life to be a lie. Plus, You don't tell people to read Fiction by saying the other genres are bad, like barbe also said, you start by thinking why Fiction is good.
And I don't like the crushed dummy. It doesn't add anything to the idea.

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Ndukwe Onuoha
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For goodness' sake, can't you guys just appreciate good copy...for once?!

Big ideas are often small

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Good copy, but I read "Be As" as "BEAS". Might just be me, though.

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@ CHEZA - I too read the same thing "BEAS" and not "BE AS"

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