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pirated books? is this a major problem sweeping the planet? hell, at least people are reading.

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well, it is a desperate problem in India - tons of pirated books are sold by street urchins at signals for a quarter of the price. I bought one (purely in the interests of research, you understand) some time back - Salman Rushdie's Shalimar the Clown. It says - I am not kidding - 'Shalimar Rushdie' on the spine. Think these boys picked up the same book (also for research, I'm sure) and an idea was born.

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Even I used to buy pirated books.... I din't have any hint that it's not original.

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Tha campaign itself is disrespecting.


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You know, I gotta agree with you there.
Using words like "vagina" and "dickhead" to refer to these legends, it's kinda tasteless. Although that may be the whole point of the campaign, I'm sure there are other more sophisticated (for lack of a better word) ways to get across the same message... "Dan Clown" is probably the most palatable of the group. It says the author is "being made a fool of" without them resorting to using more derogatory words... Lucky him not having last name like "Hunt", for instance.

"Is there a Mike Hunt in the room? Mike Hunt?" (My uncle told me this when I was a little kid. Go figure!)

I'm sensing "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexander Dumbass would be the next ad...

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Or the Mike Hunt of Monte Cristo

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I'd prefer to read a Vagina Wolf book.

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ok, i won't buy pirated books... i'll download it! :)

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I've never heard of pirated books. Do they wear monicles instead of hats?

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An covered wiv parrot droppings, me darlin'. Aaaarrrrr!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Aye matey, have you ever been d'seasd?

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Cutlasses for bookmarks...

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Arrrrg. That's true pirate style!

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Horrid. Talking about disrespect, I'm beginning to develop some for these fellas.

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I liked this conversation so I'm bumping it.



I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

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