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sorry guys...
I don't care where you're from.
I don't care whether you're funny couple or satanistic fanatic.
I don't care what you do in your spare time.
and I certainly don't care about people with nothing to do.

the only thing I care about is how good you are.

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For F's sake if you're looking for a job that encompasses conjuring ideas, surely this should be a platform to show what you're worth. Now, show us an idea already.

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Darth Vader
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Honestly, it could have been executed better but Kudos for the balls....Where is the agency name ????? You guys are seriously out of work.....

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People!!!!People!!!!! Dont you get it ???? they are not showing off their talent they are just in need of a job !!!!!!!
Bravo guys!!!! wish i had thought of it before

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well done! good luck!!

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I totally agree !!!! if these are two out of work guys and produced this campaign.....then at least give them some credit....
Over all, I love the art direction....very adzy!!!!!
Good Job

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chapeau...... this is bold, thats a bad ass campaign to use for a job.
Guys, great Job

Amr Elkouedy
Digital Art Director

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VOTE FOR THIS OR DON'T VOTE FOR THIS AT AGENCY FIGHT: http://www.lucabartoli.info/bblog/?p=1881

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Frits Harkema
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Masked broomstick fighters! Who does not need a team of those in the storage room.

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not a bad idea to use aotw for jobseeking purposes but the ads are not that strong
art is ok, idea a bit weak

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I Love both ads. Present you guys as clever, goofy, confident.
I really like the way you did the type too.

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don't see what ur missing here dzsoi, n don't think a lazy unemployed creative team is the type that would go through all the trouble of producing such an innovative way to get attention, like the other execution better guys..well done

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I think this egiptian dudes are pretty smart.
And is suppose all the critics are a bunch of well paid copywriters and art directors with great jobs with ads already posted on AOTW.

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yep. and with some metal on the shelf. what's your qualification?

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I thought this was another Axe Get A Girlfriend campaign

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Pretty cool, just a bit of fun :) Although it does project a lazy sloppy teen demeanour. Honestly its decent but decent wont get you hired usually...

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What a lack of sense of humor from critics. Why does everything here have to be great, brilliant and metal-worth?

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it doesn't have to be. who said that? but this is advertising and it has to SELL, not just show funny jokes.

to me these two are not selling themselves as creatives but as stand-up comedians or someone who's interesting enough to have a beer with. now, who would you rather hire?

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If I spent my time wearing masks and broomfighting I'd probably be unemployed too.

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