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hehe... cool

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Good one!

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this much nicer than the previous

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Excellent! cool ad!

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love both. Great stuff!

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cool stuff!

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Nice thought.....I feeel the man who is running should be revealed more

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I completely agree. I didn't even see that guy at first, nor did I see the guy being shot out of the whale's blow-hole. These make much more sense now, although at first glance, they're easily missed.

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I didn't see the man running, until i read ur comment, though i still get it without the man running.
I think it its better not to show the man, makes me think for a couple of seconds. then the line explains everything at the end.
I hate advertising thats feed people in thier mouths directly.. what do u think!!
(there is always exceptions)!!!

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nice, so cool to man ,but it work to woman?

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yeah i like it, nice small idea to ewoke some emotions...also to women...i can make up some silly little story in my head...about the ongoing there.

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it will work

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The only thing that slipped away here is the idea.

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Halo! Slimming belt for stomach only. This one can make whole body become thin -
like that how?

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One of Trimax's selling points is it can slim down different parts of the body (from the product brochure), depending on where u wear it.

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Also d head and the shoulder??? -like that how.

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good stuff. i think you get the idea without seeing the person running away.
i like it.

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