Ostrich Territory: Duck

Ostrich. The meat that everyone wants to be. 

Rich in Omega 3, high on proteins and only 1% of fat. 
Recommended by cardiologists.

Advertising Agency: OCP Creativity

Creative Directors: André Lopes

Art Director: André Lopes

Copywriter: Emerson Braga
Account Supervisor: Paulo Salum
Photographers: Mdf / Joe Anderson


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An ostrich eye is bigger than its brain.

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thank for shaering your infinit wisdom with us.

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I like the series...very clean layout, beautiful photography/retouching and subtle touch of foreground grass. Overall a pleasing ad to the point. Cheers

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I like the campaign but don't think this one really works. Adding the water environment is a step away from easy comprehension. I put my compliments toward the campaign on the pig execution thread. The campaign is bang on even if I don't much like this execution.

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I agree with you on that. I think this one is out of the bunch also because ducks actually do this for real when bobbing for a fish.

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Black Fauns
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best one is the cow. the pigs head should have been further into the ground. and the duck one doesn't work - they do that anyway.

average. could have been much better.

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What about Bird flu???

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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... if it was really a desired meat then smart animals wouldn't want to be it.

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Animals would die anyway, wouldn't them? This concept is bad and it's done before as mentioned.

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Tem muita gente que, antes de colocar o link da pasta, deveria enterrar a cabeça tb.

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PORTUGUES: Augusto Correia, tua pasta é muito ruim, mermão!
IN ENGLISH: August Correa, your portfolio is very weak, brother!

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don't like this one. it's totally not uncommon for ducks to this...

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