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April 2014

Ostozhenka, Moscow’s Golden Mile, is now complete. The elite residential complex at Ostozhenka 11 offers the last chance to take up residence in a house of the highest possible standard in this legendary district of the capital. There is no shortage of expensive residential property in Moscow and we had to demonstrate that Ostozhenka is the place to live not only for the wealthiest individuals, but also for the most exceptional residents of the capital.

Designer: Aleksander I.

Print advertisment created by Media Storm, Russia for Ostozhenka 11, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

Parking for thoroughbreds.

Advertising Agency: Media Storm, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Evgeny Turkin

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NY Belfry's picture
NY Belfry
Activity Score 1045

I'm not sure about this. I want to hear what everyone else says.

NoHacks's picture
Activity Score 20

If you have wealth, you get this ad. If you don't then you rate it down. Seriously, anyone who comments and votes on here even work in the ad industry?

Marcao's picture
Activity Score 3029

And why are we supposed to give this the thumbs-up then? Doesn't come anywhere near to award-winning standards. Care to explain the "clever" idea?

NY Belfry's picture
NY Belfry
Activity Score 1045

So of all the places to advertise this "elite" residential complex, why did they choose a damp, desolate parking garage for their print?

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 48950

Sure you can park a Thoroughbred in that spot.

WILL they actually allow for it though??