Osram Super Bright Light Bulbs: Ghost stories

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Mick Blore
Creative Director: Liam Wielopolski
Art Director: David Reid
Copywriter: Steve Anderson
Photographer: Chris Saunders


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The entire campgn is too much...

Sorry neither its funny... nor its brillient...

typical case of conversion of right strategy (Brightness of the product) in a wrong way... in fact technically speaking even strategy seems to be wrong from a perticular perspective!!

At the end of the day Brand Orchestration Programme should contribute either towards Brand Building / Strengthening activity or Product selling enhancement exercise as per predefined Brand Strategy doc...

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john doe
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totally agree.

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funny..i like it

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very good ad...i first thought that this would be a "done" ad, but its not, i like the originality of situation here, i understand it must be difficult to find a series of ads with same grace, well this one is really nice, but other two not up to the mark.

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All ears
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Well done guys this is absolutely awesome.

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