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Haha, best of the bunch. I can just picture that iron slammming down on our dear friend, the tomato. This idea may not be the most unique or innovative, but it's pretty darn funny.

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Alistair C.
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yes, very funny how your foods acts so reckless :)

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The Ideia "Don't expect your food to look after itself" is very good for the product, but I think the execution and actual scene plot is very bad.

Should put some more time on thinking the plot scenes, and do a better execution.

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It's funny, innovative, and as far as no Coloribus links get posted by the dozens, unique. Very good.

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Agency: DDB Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Matt Eastwood
Art Director: Jakub Szymanski
Copywriter: Alex Stainton
Designers: Jay Young & Erwin Santoso
Photographer: Mat Baker
Retoucher: Dennis Monk

We are all ignorants, but we don't all ignore the same things...

"We are all ignorants, but we don't all ignore the same things..."

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I don't feel sorry for it. I eat tomatoes all the time.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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