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Finally, a solid campaign out of Italy! Great stuff.

One minor quibble: the way the logo is used makes it look like they're selling clothes where (I presume) they're selling some sort of mothballs.

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Nah, I guess it's one of those anti-moth tags you hang in your closet.
This one is solid but it's still sad that this is one of the better ideas out of Italy.

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They come as tags, eh? My mistake. Don't get many moths up these parts. Dragons eat most of em.

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hehe. Those can be quite nasty and persistent.

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Oh, really?

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mirrors in ads are deceptive...the chandler seems out of place..disturbs the visual..the pen wit out a cap would have translated a better execution...ok ad

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i don't get this campaign. are they scenes from famous movies?

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The holes moth eat into look like as if a person was shoot.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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i really like these...i think they're beautifully executed too. Well done guys! ;)

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Vicky cool stuff man.

deja fuck

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nice photo. poor concept

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The elements in the photo are very distracting. They made me think there was more to read into.

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Advertising Pawn
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Exactly, I also spent time looking at ideas I might have missed... I like this campaign anyway.



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Black Pencil
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Typography's trying too hard.
Average idea.

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my favorite part of these ads is the logo hanging off of the "o" in clothes. :)

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Clunky, but definitely an improvement on what we've seen out of Italy.
Like that hair/tongue/Jimmy bollocks

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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A man in the clothes would have made sense.

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Would have made it confusing, you mean. "Why is the guy dead when it's his clothes that are being killed by moths?" and so on....

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I like the other one better, better contrast, better photography.

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