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Can anyone, please explain what the fuck is this? Nice images anyway...

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client: Ghost Pops

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I live in the other side of the world, dont know the brand. Is just play on words?

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If I try really hard, i can try to come up with some meaning for this one, but I shouldn't have to work so hard to squeeze a message out of an ad. I would say that if you have to use that type of an inset (bottom right) to bring attention to the primary element, you might want to rethink the composition in the first place.


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Oh Jeffrey, please.
That 'inset' is the element used in virtually every "ghost" photo, to help spot it.
The brand idea (obvious, though it may be) draws the audience - especially kids - into the idea (and the 'product shot') quite beautifully. It engages the viewer. It entices. In a compellingly fun way. Without a headline or expected product shot insight. Stop thinking so much, and go with the floooooOOOOOOOoooooooooo.... ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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euclid the gree...
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good point ROG

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Carlos Duty
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excelente recurso.
pésima idea

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i dont understand wat ur trying to say..

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These guys at Network BBDO, just won the outdoor GP in Cannes. So, i can imagine, they dont give a shit about any of our comments right know!

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love the photos. definitely would stand out in a mag.

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this is a beautiful campaign. come on guys, this is a breaktrough idea anyway!

end of joy, enjoy

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It's funny how some people in these forums give their opinions with such an arrogant attitude. These ads were awarded in Cannes by successful professionals who probably know what they are doing. I wonder if most the work done by the guys who critic other's work so lightly, would stand a chance in a respectable festival like Cannes.

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you are so right adadict...i think the ads are very engaging and that's what makes the creatives highly marketable.anyway i am yet to see ads that communicate to everyone a 100 %
critics like jeff!

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