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Reality Check
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Orion sound proof windows: Rocket / Train is neat, tidy, simple, but lacking in personality.

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Nice. Though instead of a train, we could have a ship maybe (since the background is blue).

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Not sure how many people live next to a rocket pad. I live next to a highway, cmon be more practical.

because therefore it is

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Tommy G.
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way too easy. not convincing me.

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quick n clear, but i found a problem (for me), the rocket of the right seems to be before the ignition, and obviously in that moment doesn't make sound.

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I like it, simple and smart.

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nice idea but illustration could be more intersting

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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this has the same concept as your train ad but, personally i feel that it somehow lacks the same touch. Maybe because rockets are not typically thought of as sources of noise pollution.

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I just don't get it, may be its me, but Sound does not cut my eyesight. Not working for me! Sorry!

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