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What is this?

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The car is so fast, he got there quite earlier. That gave him time to chat with the cute nurse...

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got it. Thanx. so the idea is nice; maybe i have some bad day today :)

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EXCELLENT!!! Wonderful thinking...

'So, in the 3 minutes we have left, what do ya want to talk about? Me or my beautiful car?'

(my favorite of the three)

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good idea and execution. I like it!

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beautiful all the way! i know they got throught the shortlist I hope they get an award!

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i like it, very good idea and execution.

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Parece que a alguien le contaron “La liebre y la tortuga“ de pequeño, eh??? Excelente! Congrats guys!

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what a lovely idea for a campaign!!

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the idea is ok. but the car isn't fast. so it doesn't work. either the AE wrote a bs brief. or the creatives didn't follow it.

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So what is a fast car for you? Enzo? Murciélago? Carrera GT?

Gimme a break. Any car that goes beyond 220km/h is fast enough, specially when the speed limits (at least in my country) are 120km/h.

This is a fast car.

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this car is average at best. anything that does 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds and has a top speed of at least 160 mph is a fast car in my opinion. then it makes sense to focus on performance. the Subaru WRX STI and Mitsubishi EVO are fast cars at the same price point.

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Art direction sucks, these ads have not left the art director's hard drive.


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Made Of Ideas
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Does she really work as a nurse all day in those shoes??

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but those shoes are cute!

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Volkswagen= DDB, DDB= Volkswagen. What will their founder think of these less than medicore work?

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i'm not impress with the idea of this ad...

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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i love the concepts but..
why all the negative connotations?
robbery, death, whatever-the-hell-was-happening-in-the-second-one?

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Not good as the other ones. It would be better if related with an ambulance... Doc arrived before ambulance etc.

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I like the 'robbery' cause it the only funny situation. the rest are waaaaaay too serious for a joke. if they'd work on direction of a 'robbery' they'd have a cute campaign. now it's just un-done.

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otto54 (francesco) ti piace perchè è della ddb? :)

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this campaign is nothing new, VW did them years ago.

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San Pateste
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I like the idea -very in the flavor of that tv ad that made it to Cannes, where the policemen don't even make a try to follow the suspect- althought the comp can improve (you have like 4/5 photos there).

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volkswagen gti ...

In some other part of an idea, nurse should be inside the building all the time until her time out reached. Or, they're both just arrived from a long way run going through the hospital to take hospital duty.

Huh! This picture got many GREAT Ideas.

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