Oreo: Pac-Man

1980 | Pac-Man is born
This year, OREO turns 100 years young.
Celebrate the kid inside at oreo.com/birthday.

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, USA
Executive Creative Director: Darren Moran
Creative Director: Megan Williams
Group Creative Director: Jill Applebaum
Creative Director / Art Director: Megan Sheehan
Copywriters / Art Directors: Jill Applebaum, Bob Neuman
Executive Producer: Anthony Nelson
Photographer: Richard Pierce
Concept: Pierre-Marie Faussurier, Sebastien Zanini
Designers: Yego Moravia, Johnny Por Taing, Bangwool Han
Art Producer: James Kozyra

March 2012


Joyceishere's picture
26 pencils

simple and straightforward...quite a rarity in advertising nowadays

AlvarezArt's picture
82 pencils

I love the simplicity of these. Some work better than others.
AND yes... agree on simplicity being a rarity these days.
Seems most of the stuff you see is creatives creating for the sake of getting a pat on the back from other creatives.

10pencils's picture
148 pencils

Nice. Could have still worked without the milk-drops(?) though. We all know what Pacman looks like. No need for an overkill.

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