Oreo: Mars Rover

Aug 5 | Mars Rover Lands
Red creme currently unavailable

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, USA
Executive Creative Director: Gary Resch
Creative Director: Megan Sheehan
Group Creative Director: Jill Applebaum
Copywriter: Noel Potts
Art Directors: Jackie Anzaldi, Jared Isle, Mike Lubrano
Executive Producer: Anthony Nelson

August, 2012


robthelad's picture
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Am I the only one thinking, "what?"

ivan's picture

Have you heard the news that Curiosity landed on Mars? This is a tribute to that great event.

bate_palmas's picture
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Looks more like a squashed cricket ball.

jponino's picture
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weak and easy

ihateeverything's picture
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I hate that Curiosity was able to successfully slow down from 1300mph in 7 seconds and land on Mars without a dent. And this ad just reminds me of that amazing feat.

ace85le's picture
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Ivan - I think it helps if you put this ad in the whole Oreo series. I kind of like it that they go back to basics this year.



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MoKruisman's picture
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I love this whole history print campaign from Oreo's. The cookie brand is part of American history, also in Europe we see Oreo as the ultimate American cookie. The storytelling, tapping into American events that are in the news, is smart and engaging. And also bold, the multi colored gay pride Oreo got a lot of hate reactions. I give it a big like.

feysal's picture
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true ace if you put it in the series of previous oreo ads it is wicked.

groovy baby!

andylefty's picture
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Topical. 'bout it.

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