Oreo: Basic instinct

Milk's favorite cookie.

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, South Korea


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Really nice ad, but I would not feed a small baby with Oreo. I know many do.

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Scam ad. I don't see this making it through Nabisco. And there's nothing for Oreo on their site.

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Unexpected and relevant. Nice photo too.

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irrelevant unethical

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Are you guys kidding? As an OREO fan I find this ad absolutely fantastic. The art direction is great - the look in the babies eyes is priceless … well done Cheil.

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Ramat Ajala
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C'mon, the same was done for a milk brand years ago, very famous and won Cannes.

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Simply not pleasant. Nor appealing .

(Are you going to have a nice warm cup of mother's milk with your cookie now ?)


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Why not????

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Prasad Weerasekara
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good one.

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Milan Solanki
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oreo is not for infants, and by the way no kid would care for any fcuking oreo while being breastfed

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I seriously doubt you work in advertising


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Milan Solanki
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Sorry buddy, if my comment offended you, it was just my perception..
: )

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I think its a fantastic ad for Oreo lover...@thenikcreative u are right, look at babie's eye and see how babee hold a Oreo with his tiny little hand.. Wel done cheil... its nice ad..

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There is a thin line between creative liberty and ethics. A complete fail for me

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Really sad.
Creativity has a limit. copy ZeSheep.

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What's more repugnant than this crap is boyfriends and girlfriends of agency people coming here and praising.

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Yeah right...

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Ad Analyst
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Ad Analyst, (Advertising Journals) INDIA

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I don't think this is as solid as some other Oreo ads, but I think it would get attention.

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love it

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Tom Megginson
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I like the ad. The only downside for me is the appropriation of something as beautiful and personal as breastfeeding to sell cookies. The "who would give an infant an Oreo?" complaint I find rather disingenuous, though. I can't see how this is to be taken literally.

I also suspect that this is spec work, but the idea is cute. Let's not forget that La Leche League in the USA partners with the California "Got Milk?" people. The idea of paralleling cow's milk and human milk is hardly new.

What amuses me about this thread is how shocked and offended supposed adults are by just seeing a breastfeeding image. I guess this is the reason nursing women are still subjected to social apartheid by anti-nature prudes.

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I like boobs.... Oreos, not so much.

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I love the idea and the laugh out of it, but...

1. It is too provocative for my country Singapore.

2. Why would anyone feed a baby Oreo, they barely have teeth around that age. (maybe a couple?)

3. We love cow milk with Oreo, but breast milk with Oreo? HELL NO!

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is inevitable to see a copy, but something so blatant ... it is difficult. Lack of idea is a problem, and should not have space anywhere. I am opposed to these copies, and I think everyone also because the comments leave no doubt. Lousy job, a shame for advertising.

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Ron Burgundy
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boob's favorite boob

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I love that the ad before this is all about preventing childhood obesity. Oreos are one of the worst "foods" out there. Call CPS!

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For all you haters commenting on this.....when you have milk, you gotta have Oreo.

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Ivan should add a section for fake ads of the world.

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hey Korean!!! u've seen this in your country? is it possible to publish this in Korea?
or just Cheil wants to have another fake grand-prix like last year from Cannes??

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Korean culture is very conservative. No chance this ran. Also, they're not even a client on their site. Closest they have is a Chinese cookie, which would be a direct competitor.

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Ad is good.... but this kind of small kid.... :(

Chaminda Rathnayake

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All the guys crying out for ethics and morality should go to caves and stop watching pregnancy preventing and condom ads as those are also unethical from some point of view. As far as the ad is concerned its beautiful and if somebody is shouting that babies don't eat oreos then they should understand mouses also can't have dog as pet, ducks can't be sailors :)

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I'm a mother of 3 ...I see nothing wrong with this ad...its natural for a mother to breast feed and if that's the part u take offense to then Ur a prude plan and simple....the whole part about the baby holding the Oreo is cute and eye catching.....and as for those of u who think mothers breasts don't look like the while breast feeding guess what some moms do! Get over yourself and Ur own insecurity ....

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It's funny. Good idea. Good ad.

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Well readers the TMZ website says that the ad was not supposed to go public....


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The only surprise here is TMZ posted it. If Ivan sees this, I'd be curious to know if the agency submitted it or if he found it somewhere.

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In most of the world (read: outside the US), it's perfectly legal for a woman to breastfeed in public. There's nothing wrong with this ad that censoring the (unhealthy :-) image of a baby eating an Oreo cookie wouldn't fix.

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I would just like to say that we Europeans are laughing at the complaints regarding ethics. The fact that some of you get offended by this advertisement blows my mind.

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The first thing that came to mind was the US version of title --"Got Milk?"

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This is kinda stupid it s funny though .I give it one star just because there is no way those breast are the mothers.

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Ron Burgundy
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Is it only one? Excellent art direction

art director

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Most likely spec work.

An Oreo and some boobage. How could this ad possibly be any better?

And why do I have the sudden craving for an Oreo (with some cleavage on the side)?

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