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bad ad.

ivan's picture

Please elaborate more. We're interested to learn the reasons.

HappyHour's picture
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the copy and the visual are pretty irrelevant to each other. also, children who hurt animals aren't necessarily "cruel," they usually just don't understand. also, animals don't have feelings.

LeeHarvey's picture
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"Animals don't have feeling".... You're the kind of kid that blew up frogs with a straw and burnt ants with a magnifying glass. Many animalmolesters grow up to be serial killers.

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Bad ad and the word fealing is misspelled

Guest's picture

is that a joke?

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No hay concepto, creo que hizo falta darle un par de vueltas a la idea.

Hibon's picture
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Simple... nice idea.

Simple ideas are the best !

Blashyrkh's picture
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Visual is ok but the word "cruel" is too cruel. Nowadays I still want to shot that bastard who barks with no reason every time I park my car and save the whole quarter.
This ad will work for any organization who takes care of the children, this one don't.

Kamikaze777's picture
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kinda lame, the art is good but that's it, like said before the copy is irrelevant

kondensofke's picture
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i like both the art & the copy. and how being a kid can be an excuse for hurting a living thing? if you can understand abstract notions you're old enough to care about others

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I actually quite like this. :)

Migzter13's picture
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cruel is such a stroooong word...

Stop Mediocrity. Start Creativity.
There are two kinds of people in the world; people who like mustangs (cool people) and people who like camaros (idiots).

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hmm, not really

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there are lot of ads with lego cubes, it's about idea

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All you 'not really'-sayers; I think Chris is DARN RIGHT!

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i commented twice by mistake, and i dissagree. i've seen that anti-smoking ad (i believe) years ago and probably all of us did. this cat ad is fresh for me, and I think is way too different than that one - in both, copy and art direction

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its very simple, clean, vivid and easy to understand. ad
I like it.

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How is this copy disconnected from the visual? I see no disconnection at all...

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This needed a creative coach? What is a creative coach?

I don't like advertising telling me how to grow up my children and I don't think it works. If a good ad tells me that cruel stuff is done to animals and it convinces me, then I will tell my children too.

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What if your children are doing the cruel stuff?

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Great art design, i really like the contrast and the style of it

Depending on where you consider putting it, the text is too small and un-noticeable from a distance.

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