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Interesting. But, what are you telling me?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Bad creatives ! Just took a story in WAD magazine the "back issue" of 2004. Images were bought by Cerjo glasses. And these guys just reshot it !

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buy by bye
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no thanks

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I think it's a very subtle way of saying that getting your hair cut at this place makes you want to show it off. Go hair-first. But it's very subtle.

Still, I like em.

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buy by bye
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i agree
but i think the execution is all wrong.
and this kind of stuff has been done before many times.

with this execution, it is saying 'the BACK of your HEAD will be worth showing off'..

i don't get this ad at all.. and i don't like it

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I'm with buy by bye on this one, Its trying to do something but isn't working. I bet it makes perfect sense in the minds of the creators, but doesn't translate to me.

It's only an ad.

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I think it saying that if you're ugly as fuck from the front, at least be somewhat near attractive from the back.

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buy by bye
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lol, and THAT hair is attractive?? =)

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good idea

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very funny, but I take no risks saying that I already've seen it before... let me have a quick search and I'll be back

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i like how i constantly see pictures my friends email me 6 months ago make it into "ads".

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This is exactly the sort of ad that should'nt be called advertizing: its more a work of art than anything else. First : what is advertized here ? second : what are they telling me ?
It looks really cool, but its more a photograph show off than advertizing.

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seems like a better ad for glasses.

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This just grabs our attention but do nothing with it.

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buy by bye
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you could use his face (not the back of his head)
but instead of normal sunglasses, sunglasses made out of hair (jsut like this one)

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just to be a nice ad, not be a effective ad

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how many times are people going to use same idea again and again?
I think these ads need to be given best repeated idea of the year award.

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Andreas TM
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Your hair is your face. Even though it used an image that was sent around on e-mails, it's cool.

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To me, the ad says, "Your hair deserves as much attention as your face."

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Need Model for some different Style COntact Ds person....

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