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It's only an ad.

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nice one

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so is it far away or just really small?

... its already been done...

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Heeheee! It's a tiny car for ants.

I really like the simplicity of this one. Bravo.

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nice, i like it, chevere, me gusta


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Mtl Dave
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Yes, good one.

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From the max distance the copy Remote Car Starters is visible, is the car visible?

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Good one madafakas!

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so what's the message here? that i can start my car from a mile away? is that a benefit? i like the thinking, but it feels like a made up benefit to me.

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in certain times u will need to warm up ur engine for a while b4 u drive(to avoid damage to ur engine), especially in cold places.

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pretty cool!!

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Conveys two meanings:
You can start your car from a ridiculous distance
The starter is really small.

Needs to be a little clearer.

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Actually it would be "The starter is really big", right?
Btw, what do you need a remote car starter for? Will your car remotely drive beside you?

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To warm up your car in the winter/cool down your car in the summer before you have to get into it. Just proof of humanity's laziness.

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What's lazy about not wanting to sit in a freezing cold car in the winter? You should be warming up your engine for a few minutes before you start driving, so why not start it from your house while you are getting ready, instead of sitting in it and waiting?
I see no lazyness. This from someone who doesn't own a car.

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I agree with you completely on the fact that in the winter, your car's engine should be warmed up before driving. However, is it really all that difficult to just walk to your car, start it, and go back inside? Walking outside to my car on a winter morning before work wakes me up more than coffee or an apple. Just kinda helps to kick start my day. This is nothing to do with the ad, btw. Just a personal belief of mine that remote car starters are for lazy people.

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I see your point. And good for you for being so pro active.
You may pat yourself on the back. (I'm teasing btw) ;)

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Boony wants a beer
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All this shows is that the car is far away, not that it's been started. Rubbish ad.

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Finally, someone else thinks this is as shite as i do.

What is everyone getting so excited about?

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No fixed abode
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Come off it. This is bottoms. I can only assume that this means you can start your car from far away. Why? Your car will be stolen by the time you get there if you do this.

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overrationalising maybe?

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sweet as a pancake

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Yongsun Kim
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sweet cheeses!

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So far. So good.

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