Orange: Xmas, 1

What if Christmas lasted all year long?

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conceil, Paris, France
Creative Director: Frédéric Royer
Copywriter: Olivier Dermaux
Art Director: Mathieu Vinciguerra

November 2009


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Honestly wht u r trying to say.

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If the idea was to show happiness through christmas period, i think the art didn't help you guys out... you could've showned something like a guy putting some sun lotion on a girl both of them with a christmas had or something like that, and you could've given it a more artistic look... i wouldn't use the beach theme at all... i don't like the concept or the execution

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Chori Arg
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christmas bring people to call each other all day. orange can handle with that

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thanks, now I get it.

@ Dzsoi, i think its lost in translation


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Stop with the same idea repeat in 450 ads!!!!!

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J Designer
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the idea isnt clear at all.

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