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Base rine transration prease. :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

armestar07's picture
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Pole dancer injured. :P

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Jeff N
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Nice idea, fresh an original. My favorite add of the week

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Original campaign from Publicis... hallelujah

Interesting concept, good understanding of the purpose

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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This is sweeet.
I'm a big fan of Cédric's work. But he cetainly improves with good art direction.

Nice to see him not beating an idea to death as has done on some of his earlier works.


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Oh, come on. The line read: "Get Ready. Promo Days." Best ad of the week? Best first thought maybe.

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What is The Orange Pro Days? I don't understand.

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Same here. what's that?

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I don't understand

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I'm starting to hate smug ads like this that assume people know what they're going on about cause they work for the client 8 hours a day. Bring back the 50's I say.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Oh dear, perhaps we need to start catering to a less a savvy market, instead of crediting our audiance with some inteligence.

pop open the old clich'e box, cos we're coming in for a dip.


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Get ready for Ford days!
Get ready for Nike days!
Get ready for Goodyear days!
Get ready for Snickers days!

Sorry - if you can change the brand and keep the concept, it ain't a very good concept.

(And I assume the fire pole means easy access to get out and take advantage of Orange - or whatever - days)

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Ad Junkie At Large
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I just want to know what it means? What's wrong with that? I'm intelligent enough to know that I don't need to be super intelligent to look at an ad an understand it, it's the ads that need to be intelligent. For example anyone can make up an intelligent sounding sentence that doesn't mean anything.

If you're going to be patronizing, I'd always use the spell checker first.

What is Pro Orange Day? That's all I want to know, surely the client wants me to know.

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I assume "Orange" is for the mobile company - it's pretty well known in Europe, and people would recognize the logo. Maybe people would also know off the bat what "Pro Orange Days" are, too, but I haven't a clue.

I don't like this ad because it's so very generic. Bad generic ad!

(BTW, what do you mean by 'patronizing'? I think that bit went over my head...??)

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who works there? Bruno Diaz? jejeje

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i'm with benjaminbrown, it'd be good to know what the ad is about.
we get the idea of rushing out of the office to go to Pro Orange Day, you can spare that part.
but what the hell is Pro Orange Day? that's all we want to know.

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