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I'm sure the visual means slightly different things to different people, but for me this means: You will eat the fruity chupa chups, you will throw up, you will see the fruits again.

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Jaap Grolleman
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For me too. Vomit isn't exactly good in raising an appetite.

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forms clear, but ya as many reviews before me said
it does have striking resemble to puke.
fails miserably.

ivan's picture

It won Cannes Gold this year. That means it did not fail with the judges.

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Yeah I guess the judges liked it. I find it clever...but...seriously...rather disgusting because I wouldn't want to put something that resembles a fruit that just fell from a tree in my mouth! LOL!

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Pat Flannery
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That won an award? What is it with this grossness in food advertising trend? Does it appeal to teenagers because they think they are eating something that their parents would find repulsive?

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Okz...I am wrong may be.... They didn't look like puke to me; specially the Cherry one doesn't look like puke at all. To me these executions really looked like a crushed/blasted fruit on the ground/floor/whatever. And I found the campaign simple and funny. :-|

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FWIW, I really like these. And yeah, having worked on a bunch of food accounts, it's generally a bad idea to show a food product in a queasy way. That being said, this isn't QSR or sit-down food, it's candy and it (as a category) has more flexibility. It's not puke, it's a smash of fruit flavor. And it's shown in a fun, dynamic way.

Yes, Its gooey and splattered, but it's effective too. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

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I must be an idiot, but I didn't realize it's fruit smashed against the wall. I only saw puke. I wish there was a slight hint of a wall on the white background. Now, that I know it's on the wall — I love it.

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Hi all,

Someone just sent me the link, pretty funny reading your comments, valid as they are, here's the inside story.

Chupa Chups are a lollipop, the art looks like a lollipop. They are made from fruit, so is the art. It just a swapsie. I can't tell you wht the judges at Cannes said or why It went Gold, but here's a couple of thoughts.

No product shot, no appetite appeal, no consumption shot, no children in the ad, no smiling mum in the ad, simple message, looks unlike just about any other lollipop ad. Some times, it's the things you leave out that make it stand out.

Does it look like puke? Sure if that's what gets your attention to read my message, I don't care less, If Cherry looks like a womans period and still makes you laugh, high five. At the end of the day, if nobody sees your ad, there is absolutely no point in making one. End of story.

Anyway, flame away if you want, this ad cost a grand total of $20,000 Australian dollars to make, and a Gold lion later, I'm pretty happy with the result. Oh and yeah, the sales went up as well if that's what floats your boat.

Peace, it's all about the idea, leave your stupid marketing brain outside.


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drunk dave
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Good for you. And your last line is the most relevant.

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It looks like someone's vomit... although I did get the "look" making it look like a lolly. It looks like a lolly that's been partially digested and then barfed out.