Ópticas Schilling: Owl

Optics Schilling. See better

Advertising Agency: Unitas/RNL, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Pancho González
Creative Director: César Ojeda
Art Directors: César Ojeda
Copywriter: César Ojeda
Photographer: Pato Pescetto
Retoucher: Michael Burgos

November 2009


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Marlus Lau
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Good pictures, Mr. Pato Pescetto. The idea is rather common.

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whats the idea? look better or invisible glasses?

silvi's picture
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No, the idea is your vision will be perfect like an owl. It´s not that difficult to understand. owls has excellent vision.

rolling.stone's picture
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but only in night, not it day


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Then it should say " SEE better ". Duhhhh...

lucaszaiden's picture
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Very eye catching, ok.

But I can see some issues regarding the communication, like:

An eagle has a very good vision, so, it doesn`t need the glasses. So, the glasses are useless for people who have a good vision. Ok. Where is the surprise?

This campaign is telling nothing but the truth.

Does anyone agrees with me?


picopalqlea's picture
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yes i have to agree with you... the payoff is confusing.

stafro's picture
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hehe . . . you are the Doctor , you are the master

But i wanna to ask, Is it possible to use this declaration for microscopes for example ?

quodavid's picture
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agree too! 90s idea

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That´s why it only has the frames dURRR!!!

Re Dator's picture
Re Dator
28 pencils

My english is not that good, but here it go...

Is there a chance the translation would be wrong?

phrasal verbs aways confuses us, latin americans (i´m brazilian)

Maybe the original ad (in castilian) would be saying: "See better" and not "look better"(get a nice visual)

That´s can change the whole idea...

Remember: this is a brazilian´s point of view

PS: I know, my english sucks...

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
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I understand your English perfectly well. And I couldn't agree more.
You make the best argument of anyone that's here commenting on this ad.
The word "look" was what was throwing me off, too. If the ad is about the "ability" to see better on the part of the wearer (which I believe it is,) then the translation is totally off. Nobody want to "look like" an owl or any other flying animal!!
I've seen quite a few ads on here with unintended translation mistakes which make the ad message competely different and downright confusing...

Re Dator's picture
Re Dator
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If there is a confusion about the words "see" and "look", the ad is not about beauty...

"If the idea is "See things better", guess they trying to say: "Not even the lens` brightness will block your vision"

or: "Our glasses are very good. Using them, you´ll see things so better you wont even remember you´re using then, except for the wire frame"

(dawn it... my english again... sorry)

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buena idea , limpia , directa , y la direccion de arte esta la raja

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doesn't need a line.

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wow!! beautiful

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Simply and beautiful idea

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Nice one.

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Love this art style

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great art!!!!

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Brillant, genial!!!!

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Excellent Execution. Nuff Said.

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willy wonka
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I love this idea and execution

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Brillant, Great work!!!

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