Optica Caroni: Bathroom

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB Caracas, Venezuela
Creative Directors: Macoco Moreira, Carlos Rusconi
Art Directors: Daniel Caiman Méndez, Francisco Kalatayú Jimenez
Copywriter: Diógenes Méndez
Photographer: Harold Gonzalez
Sculptures: Francisco Kalatayú Jimenez, Daniel Caiman Méndez

November, 2008


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What's That? :)
It's a very absurd

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Por qué en el baño??????? No tiene un concepto potente y la intención de una grafica diferente, no esta bien hecha. No tiene buen acabado.... Perooo.. Por qué en el baño??

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el sol esta en el baño en un momento privado...

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Good concept but too absurd to convey the message!

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Oh, come on. It is hilarious :) Makes me want a new pare of sunglasses. But I am not sure the brand is used very effectively.
The logo feels like an after thought.

I can just hear it now: "well the client insists we use their stupid logo, so I guess we can stick it here in the corner."
If I was driving on the highway at 85 mils per hour (i am a fast driver :) no way would I would pay attention to the logo.

Annya A. Uslontseva
Graphic Designer


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Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Hmmm think the other one transports it a bit better - is a single shot thing in my opinion - but then full strike! :-)

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