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Again, really nice job.

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nice concept. too bad the ads are so confusing, it takes you so long to figure them out

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It's a good idea but with a very lacking execution.

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(o)(o) hahaha ;)

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nice idea for a viral piece but as an ad it blows.

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this didn't make any sense until I read the tiny "double sided sticky". why not just use double sided tape? the nonsensical thing is back again.

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I really liked them, made me laugh

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good as a direct mailer ...

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Disco Munky
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I'm 100% against this product, I don't care that it's made up and it's really just some magazine.

Anything that goes out of it's way to HIDE celeb nipples should be tied up and thrown overboard. That's just un-American!

Remember. A vote for boob-hiding, is a vote for terrorism.

I'm watching you commies closely.


Doin' it for the points

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So awful realization...too much colors, too much texts...very difficult to understand.
Are they really creative guys ?

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I think ads are absolutely hysterical, perfect for the client/product, and I love the style of them. I actually wanted to read all the detail of them.

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Nice Concept

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