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haha, sweet more pls!

Penis enlargement! :)

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extraordinaire! fine-fine copy.

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john doe
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really, really nice!

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Very good.

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can't wait to buy this book :)

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I dunno - maybe this one works better in its original language. I prefer the first.

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If this has really been published than somebody should tell the CD that the plural for housewife is "housewiVes" and not "housewiFes".

Taking a simple look in the TV guide for Desperate Housewives or copy-pasting the text in any text editor with auto correct would have shown a little red dotted line underneath that word.

Or just try Google. Did you mean: Housewives?

Even their IT client could have killed that little virus.
Looks like their Spam Filters aren't working...


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young one
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i don't care if this was released or not. It's a really nice campaign.

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Very good copy work.
I think that the idea eats a bit the brand, but It´s ok.
one an a half thumbs up!

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Mr Hughes
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Robin Stam, he's the man!

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Great... and about the spelling mistake.... guess they did that on purpose to make it more 'real'
Thumbs up!

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