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chintan ruparel
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ah, i love d camp! i knoe a lotta ppl wil criticize it for reasons best known to them, bt 2 me, its fun!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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good one. I like it a lot!

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It is fun indeed, but a bit depreciative, no?

I wear glasses, but still, this is underrating people who don't wear glasses, by saying they haven't got the respect they deserve. And btw, what does respect got to do with glasses and the need of using it??

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The Glasses Revenge. I like them.
Glasses has always had more negative than positive associations.
This campaign also tells us that they are not ordinary glasses; they are cool.


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No entiendo porque tanta controversia con esta campaña, es una realidad y SE RIE DE ELLO, los lentes negros se pusieron de moda y todo el mundo los usa para parecer más cool/interesante/inteligente/intelectual aunque ni los precisen. No me parece ofensiva, juega con los ESTEREOTIPOS, cuál es problema? o ahora resulta que nadie prejuzga gente por su aspecto por ahi.


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grrrreat sense of humor… and very simple

Kin's picture
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i've got more repect for hells angel than fashion designer...

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I love these! Wow - made me laugh and they have a bit hint of truth to them. Wonderful sruff!

ziadhdn's picture
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done b4

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Really Interesting and innovative.

Rog's picture
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Re-run, Ivan?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Tapper's picture
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Souldn't it be 'gay uncle' 'gay fashion designer'

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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It works! I like the way it's executed. Really good!

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funniest of all


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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brilliant! This is the one I like the most, or it could be the artist version.

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