Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services: Listening

If they are not listening, maybe you're not either.
Every interaction with youth is an opportunity to shape their future. It takes patience, and access to the latest tools and resources to understand their development.

Advertising Agency: Idea Studio, Canada
Creative Director: Bruce Sinclair
Account Director: Roy Levine
Executive Producer: Caterina Salvatori
Art Director: Jocelyn Cheung
Copywriter: Bruce Sinclair, Michael Mayes
Content Strategist: Susan Hung
Information Architecture: Camila Uchoa, Peter Jubb
Developer: Victor Irzak
Clay Illustration: Francesca Vasile
Retoucher: Paul Lang

April, 2014


kleenex's picture
40694 pencils

not bad.

sacrilegend's picture
3277 pencils

Utterly pointless. What's the point to using clay figures? Why is the art not working harder, so the copy can be less prescriptive? Let's put some effort into our craft again.

Baaruce's picture
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The point is that we can shape children's lives -like they were made of clay- if we understand them better.

sacrilegend's picture
3277 pencils

I appreciate the explanation, but why not show the act of shaping then? Or a more dramatic visualization of it, instead of static figures which are simply dull portraits? It's not that it's a bad idea, it's just a terrible execution.

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