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Do they teech,designing the internal parts of a humen body!!, or does it meen that they go very deep into the subject!.I dont understand why do they showed like this, can somebody explaine me!!.

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what are we gonna learn from nancy vonk's bowels?????

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She's got the guts. You learn all about it. ;)

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Although who hasn't daydreamed about doing this to your least favourite teacher...

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in the image they are saying: "we study those great guys very closely." , but the line implies "we make you great". this is shallow and just weak

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I like the idea of "dissecation" to get knowledge, but not as presented here, in a pure medical way. They should explore other less explicit forms.

Anyway, this is creepy and disgusting.

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:D Hey!! A school for being John Kramer of Saw!!!

:D I like that!!


No hay tiempo to lose!

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I think its pretty clear what the message is. Each execution shows a reference to what it takes to make it in this biz. 1) It takes heart. 2) It takes brains. And lastly 3) It takes guts.

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If that's the message, cool, but if you cut anyone else open then you'll get the same results. These don't work.

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