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"made of japan" ?

dear me. japan is now a footwear material.


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Hahaha nice, really nice.

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who else
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I think the idea is more about Japan being on the other side of the world (upside down). And yes, made of Japan sounds weird.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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"Made of Japan" was created by another agency for their integrated ad campaign. These guys have nothing to do with it whatsoever. Either they just decided to, or they were asked by the client to keep the line with these ads. Thus, mucking up the "original" concept devised by someone else. Sure, you still get the idea, but it now feels totally disjointed.
Only in the context of the original work, will the line make any sense.

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Yes, the 'Made of Japan' campaign was kick-ass...

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personally i dont get anything from this upside down campaign!!

| Everartz |

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Great art direction. Weak idea.
This is only a local insight. In Brasil Japan is "the other side of the planet", so when Brasil is "standing up" Japan is "upside down"

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thanx fot the explaination :)

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foreword: i know this is based on a local insight

comment: but this visual has been done before, I'm trying to find the visual for you guys. background info if you guys wanna find the visual. The print ad was done for some trekker kind of footwear, by an agency based in singapore.

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