On The Job: Concrete

Repairs hands that work for a living.

We had to convince the most manly of men – construction workers and DIYers – that they were neglecting and damaging their most important tools – their hands. And that the best way to repair them was by using our skin lotion. But at the same time, we had to respect the fact that for our audience, tough hands were a badge of honor.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu America, New York, USA
Creative Directors: Aaron Frisch
Art Director: Aaron Frisch
Copywriter: Arun Nemali
Illustrator: Kilato (digital retouching)
Photographer: Vincent Dixon

January 2009


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El Barto
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So the stuff turns hand into stone?

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wow, way to think in an absolutely literal way.

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El Barto
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Sorry, was it your ad? ;)
Just not really convincing. Literal visual, literal copy, literal interpretation.

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Advertising can be tricky sometimes. That's ok.

The thing to remember is you shouldn't take ads literally.

With this particular image, they've exaggerated a truth to set up a problem. (It's tied back by the line in the bottom right corner. Look carefully at the line, then back at the image.) Of course, the product is the solution to the problem.

Always look at the line to see how it compliments the image. That's key.

Hope this helps!

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Nidal Almohtadi
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Thanks for your great effort... very nice..

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Marlus Lau
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Huumm...very interesting. A bit gross but very nice.

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CLeean and simple. Nice execution.

Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

Tripioso's picture
470 pencils

Clean and simple. Nice execution.

Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

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Awesome execution!

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This product repairs hands ???? love the idea but i'm not convinced.

Simple ideas are the best !

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I've to agree that the copy is a little bit tricky to discover what it means. I guess it takes a reasonable amount of time to find out what's the message this ad (puzzle) wanna transmit.

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Buena campaña, pero el arte no me convence.

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sometimes it has to be literal cause thats what the client wants ROFL

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i like it...

| Everartz |

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Hand lotion for men?... again, hand lotion for men?... WTF?... the ad it's not that bad, i think it's very dramaticle and that makes it exagerated that's why i think it's not gonna work

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good idea makes a good ad. 9/10

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Compared to the Philips TVC this isn't that bad...

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great work.. love the series!!

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