OMO: Physicist

OMO dirt is good

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Singapore
Regional Executive Creative Director: Dominic Stallard
Chief Creative Officers: Dominic Stallard, Kirk Gainsford
Copywriter: Natalie Rose
Art Director: Karen Vermeulen
Production company: Shooting Gallery
Account Director: Ranjit Jathanna
Agency Producer: Jasmine Tan
Photographer: Sebastian Siah
Additional Advertising Agencys: Andrew Ho, JooHeng Tan, Michael Kan, Raymond Goh, Fuse Audio, Emoxis, Ashlynn Sum, Eranga Tennekoon, Irene Gan

June, 2012


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nice art director

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I love Art Direction !!! Awesome !!!

Live with Passion

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excellent work guys

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Dominic Stallard
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Here's the production video:

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I love this style

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I think the boys work better then the girl motive, at least they are playing with their environment, exploring it.
she's only sitting there in an environment an artist shaped around her. it's not really clear why dirt is good and what does she have
to do with it.. other then that, it's graphically a very good campaign.

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I agree with you, this is the weakest of all three. BUT the girl isn't just sitting there; if you look over her head you'll be able to see an apple falling from the tree. As this campaign is about children discovering stuff, I think it's a reference to Isaac Newton and his famous apple.

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Agreed with stickynotes, this one's the weakest...

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DONE! The concept was done by Argentinian Agency "Santo" many years ago also for a detergent. They didnt do prints, only commercials. The concept is still being used by the detergent since then.
Here is the link, but is in spanish.

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Dominic Stallard
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It's the same product and the same global concept - Dirt is good.

OMO is Breeze/Persil/Ala/Surf/Rinso depending on the market.

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Fernando Fernandes
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Se sujar sempre faz bem! Muito bom o desenvolvimento da idéia! quem nunca se sujou! Nao existe!

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