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Crisp One
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I feel more stupid for seeing this. Dear God, may I have that 2 seconds back please?

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......sad! try again!!

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Besides this campaign being silly it is a complete scam. In Oman alcohol is banned.

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YO Toro, get the facts right...Alcohol is not banned in Oman, it is widely available in Most hotels and restaurants....and people drink and drive everyday. It is not available during the holy month of Ramadan and then during that period people usually buy in advance keep booze at hoeme and drink....

Its a very nice idea....

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I can't believe you go5t your mum to come into work for a day, quite an achievement really.

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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ernesto p
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Está clarísimo: si tomás y manejás se te vuelca el wishky y lo tenés que envolver con un trapo...
no es eso?

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guys give the guy a break. Nice try!

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