Olympus: Say Ch

The world’s fastest autofocus. Only in the new E-3.

Advertising Agency: doug agency, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Doug Robinson
Art Directors / Copywriters: Ian Schwey / Steffan Barry
Business Manager: Danielle Lombardo:
Published: November 2007


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Alistair C.
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good line, but for the average consumer i think it would need more to stress the sudden stop. maybe "Say ch-" ? or some visual thatcuts the word.

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"Say Switzerland"? why?


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Nice idea. I'd lose the ""s though.

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ahmed ragheb
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no it's better with the < CH > !!

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Disco Munky
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Semantics aside, it's a nice thought and a nice clean simple ad. Made me smile a bit.... and considering my nuts hurt, that's saying something.

My ding-balls hurt because I fell down some stairs and this dickhead kicked me in the sac while I was down.

Fuckin cops.

Doin' it for the points

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Nice n simple

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the Pun-isher
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Good show.

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R. Rinaldi
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It works but people don't say "say cheese" while waiting for camera focus. People do that waiting for the best moment (people smiling and so on) to shoot the photo.


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idea nice but the camera edge out bit funny...

dcgroppo's picture
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I like people smiling in photos, this doesn't help for the average consumer. Maybe for some pros that take pictures of everything in their way and then upload all that crap in flickr, but not for the average consumer.

republique's picture
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love it, but art direction could be taken further.

chederico's picture
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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :-D

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Reminds me of the super-fast bonding glue ad that said "I can fixed it" which I think was smarter.

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agree with the first poster - doesn't read as getting cut-off in mid-sentence at first glance without the payoff line (the world's fastest....)

otherwise, it's a nice simple ad that speaks to the benefit. works. not ground breaking. but works.

| think small |

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I still think the korean do the best.
check this out.

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i think it would work better for the sony smile shutter camera

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