Olympus: Bigfoot

New SP-565UZ with 20x ultra zoom.

Advertising Agency: BBDO/Proximity Malaysia
Chief Creative Officer: Ronald Ng
Executive Creative Director: Mun
Designers / Art Director / Copywriters: Mun
Illustrator: Gary Lim


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Visually beautiful, but doesn't seem to be very much of a strategy to these.

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this gives me a headache. and without the title i wouldn't get shit.

and if you make an ad for a camera, the visual shouldn't look like a black and white drawing. that's confusing like hell

monicamexico's picture
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Don't get it.

NastyJester's picture
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Same here.

America's picture
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I like it. The subjects are in places you can't close to

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the idea is a picture within a picture...once you get the whole picture the concept zooms big in your face..

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nice. Trihan

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Only those of us in the business would take the time to figure this out. FAIL.

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When an ad only works after you read the name they choose for it, you know it´s garbage. This ad won´t sell a single camera in the "real world".

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Look closely at the centre of these ads, there's something on it. Just do not underestimate the capability of audience in getting the hidden meaning behind it.

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