Olympikus: Runner 3

Olympikus Tube. Full Shock Absorption.

Advertising Agency: DCS, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Directors: Roberto Callage, Regis Montagna
Art Director: Rafael Bohrer
Copywriter: Tiago Mattos
Illustrator: Casulo
Photographer: Claudio Menghetti

February 2008


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Hmmmm........ graphics being the same,they are still different.
More appropriate to the previous category.

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onde esta a criatividade?
¿donde esta la creatividad?
Where are the creativity?



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Please stop, four times the same comment!

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Tiago Mattos
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It´s OBVIOUS that both campaigns were based on Klimas' work.

The question is: why it´s not creative? Besides God, nobody has been created nothing in our History. We are all just reorganizing the same information in a different way.

This is not the first, and no longer will be the last case ART is souce for advertising. Just two exemples: remember Honda GRRRR and COG? Both Cannes' Grand Prix? Both had inspiration on art.

But the subject here is not that. It´s the coincidence between Loctite and Olympikus campaigns.

It´s interesting to see how the same graphic solution can be used to two completely needs.

I believe Olympikus is more effective, once the relation between the product and the artist word is not so obvious. But everybody is allowed to disagree.

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I agree, only we have to try "taking" the inspiration, after that, is about transformation. I see these campaigns exactly the same. If I change their logo it'd work.

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The Honda GRRRR GP Cannes, besides to have a good art, has a concept too.
Sorry but i disagree with you with that, sorry.

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AlmapBBDO has done a much better campaign for the same attibute of Mizuno.

PORTUGUÊS: http://augustocorreia.carbonmade.com I ENGLISH: http://augustoinenglish.carbonmade.com

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R. Rinaldi
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Forced, obviously to incorporate the art direction. The concept is backwards!

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Someone should have spent the money and had real people shattering. It would have worked much better in my opinion.

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Rewind. Loctite Supeglue.

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