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liked the copy, but what abt the visuals?

kgeiger's picture
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And I thought the copy was jilted and rough.
Not like in the good ol' days when writing was easy...
But maybe something was just lost in translation?...

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hanoch john samuel
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i dint get it

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come on u can do better thn this


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maybe the model is giving positions for the hot times in a variety through out the ads.. so it reminds you with the "old days"... this is my understanding...
I was done thinking then I realized I didn't think enough.

| Everartz |

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Barbara Agatha G.
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no, sorry. everything about these ads is terrible!
I read the copy and the first thing i thought about was: "oh...the old days when they got aids and didn't know it". And then i looked at the model and thought: "oh, the old days when men went with hookers in houses of pleasure??"
plus the model is really stiff and unnatural.

not working for me.

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It's because you're a girl.
"oh, the old days when men went with hookers in houses of pleasure??"YEEAAAAAH!
Target is: men

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i don't think gender has anything to do with "getting" an ad. no matter what product is being sold.

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It's not about "getting" the ad, it's about that particulary ad working or not…

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What you say about "Oh...the old days when they got aids and didn't know it"... is that even true? The picture of the lady is from WAY back in the day... AIDS was not prevelant until way after that in the US... So they're talking about the "good ol' days" when someone would look like the lady in the picture. AIDS did not even exist back then, did it?

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In "the good old days" the stay-ups stockings didn't exist.

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I really don't understand it. Try again, please!

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These are beautiful if they were advertising lingerie. Condoms??? Not working.

sold's picture
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lingerie -> sex -> condom
or you see a girl with a lingerie and think about ocean?

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nobody here never hear about pin-up girls?

the term "pin-up" was used for the first time, to mean draws or pictures of actress and models using lingerie in sex-appeal positions, in England in 1941. But, since 1890, designers and photographers use this kind of make-up and clothes to make "porno" sex-appeal. Pin-up was choose like the term to this kind of pics because people cut the pics from newspaper/advertisings and pin up them on their rooms. Women who maded this kind of pics at that time was considerer sex simbols.

is enough old days?

Dita Von Teese is a pin-up girl, maybe the only one now...


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The typography used is kinda complicated to read i think, but the visuals are good

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