Olla: Couple, 1

Please use condom.

Advertising Agency: age., Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Carlos Domingos
Art Directors: Henrique Mattos, Andre Fukumoto
Copywriters: Daguito Rodrigues, Charles Faria
Illustrator: Techno Image


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Please use condom because your kids won't be pretty? lol Funny, but still. What if some of Olla's customers look like that? Not sure about this approach.

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if that's the thought behind the campaign, it's really good

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Ah, now i get it. Thanks to atb2005. Lol.

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@ abt2005 :okay if thats the message ..then its really hit the humor very well.....even though lil bit confusing for understand the message of it according to the way the copywriter tried to.

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creative, but i don't like how it implies that ugly people should not have children. i, for one, do not admire creativity that hinges upon discrimination.

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Ok, now stupidity and juveline creativity has hit a new bottom and it's called age, Sao Paolo Brasil.

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R U serious
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This campaign is nazi.

Say my name, say my name...

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Not good - I imagine that a lot of Olla's customers will not be the best looking, and I don't know if this is the best way to advertise to them? Also, is the ad saying that if you are good looking you don't need to use a condom?

And besides, if ugly people didn't have children we wouldn't have footballers such as Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi or Ronaldinho!!

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sorry dude u should use these condoms either.....

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Stupid ad.... descriminating people is "junk brain thinking".

Simple ideas are the best !

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And because of this ad Brazil is going to loose the World Cup...jajajaaaaaaaaaajajaaaaaa (funny?)

Simple ideas are the best !

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I think it implies that anybody can have sex no matter who their partner is... as long as it's fun.
and being that it has a hidden message discouraging unwanted pregnancy due to their looks / unwanted circumstances..... - spicy!

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This is low common denominator advertising/media at it's most pernicious. Racism is an acknowledged, widely understood no-no. But this sort of stuff is supposed to be ok. Is that right? WRONG!

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