Olivia Women's Magazine: Bitch

A bitch and proud of it.
A magazine for women with attitude.

Advertising Agency: TBWAPHS, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Eka Ruola
Art Director: Minna Lavola
Copywriters: Minna Ronkko, Anne Kuusela
Designer: Paula Orre
Illustrator: Rithuset/Stockholm
Content Strategists: Jaana Haapala, Minna Helske
Account Executive: Johanna Paavilainen
Agency Producer: Elena Berger
Published: May 2007


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Does she look like a proud bitch to you?

Olivia, Oliiiivvvviiiiaaaa...

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she doesn't look like a bitch. that's the point.
bent image, straight copy or viceversa. it's a resource. and i believe it works for this ad.

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Olivia is basically a regular womans magazine, no attitude, no nothing.
These ads suck. If it was a bitch-ass-rock´n roll mag then this might work, but no, not like this!

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