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funny, very funny. this is my favourite

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I find this really disgusting. One of the things I hate most whenever I have to buy superglue is accidentally getting it somewhere, and then you take it to a level of disgusting. Additionally, the bowl has been repaired really poorly, as if to say, this glue sets so fast you can't even use it to fix stuff right.

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In terms of art direction, I know they couldn't just show a perfect bowl without a noticeable crack and just half a thumb attached to it. But I completely agree with your last sentence. This is an example of a "negative reinforcement" ad done poorly. And I've seen others doing it sccessfully many times before.

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I very much like reading your comments.
I agree that they couldn't show a bowl without a noticeable crack and just the thumb, but I'd like the thumb gone altogether.

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la idea esta chevre, pero muy asquerosa la ejecucion.

[ http://eltubedeyou.blogspot.com ]

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This is one product no one will buy... better buy others that doesn't take your fingers off.

Bad advertising. 3 seconds or you're fucked up.

From a consumer point of view of course, you want to get things glued not destroy your body.

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m í t i c o
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De nada sirve una Gran idea sin una Gran ejecución.

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Instead of cutting one's own finger, shouln't
he cut the object which has been glued.
Message well conveyed, though little weired.

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Amit Singh

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if there truly is a 3-second rule for an ad this will go completely unnoticed.

maybe an idea but too hidden.

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eeeeeewwww...gross but nice idea though. the message came across.

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