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Someone have seen Faber-Castell's campaign.... http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/faber_castell_flat_screen

We are all ignorants, but we don't all ignore the same things...

"We are all ignorants, but we don't all ignore the same things..."

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Wow, thanks for the reference. It puts these pieces in a new light.

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Another coincidence (f"·$%n site). C`mon...who knows about that pencil/eraser campaign. One is in China, the other was in Brazil. Done. (i think so)...

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Maybe in China they don't have pencil.


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The Faber Castell campaign is much better, because the conection between the product and the idea is stronger than this one.

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yeah, this looks the same like the one from Faber Castel, but it just might be a coincidence; for the average consumer is more than great, but if it's done just for shows.. then it might be a problem.

I don't like the line; i get the idea, but it sounds wrong.

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It's the same and different.

Think the ones for the eraser (can anyone say that word without thinking of Arnie) are better though.


Doin' it for the points

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