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jungle boy's picture
jungle boy
Activity Score 196

isn't it a little like the faber castle eraser ads?

FlyingDogs's picture
Activity Score 968

Exactly what I was thinking.


getconnected2001's picture
Activity Score 987

the world has shrunk now, dont copy guys!

FarFromFlorida's picture
Activity Score 104

The Faber ones worked: erase some, and re-draw the new.
These ones: Well, please explain why you would use a hobby-knife to re-design a jeep and make it into the shape of a beetle - it makes absolutely no sense at all, however you twist and turn this idea.

It is just a bad, forced version of the Faber ones (don't want to say copy, because who knows right?).

ahmed ragheb's picture
ahmed ragheb
Activity Score 297

i like it too pieces

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