Old Spice: Komodo

Become one of the freshest smelling places on earth.
Old Spice

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Dan Wieden
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
Creative Directors: Jason Bagley, Eric Baldwin
Art Directors: Craig Allen, Eric Kallman
Copywriters: Eric Kallman, Craig Allen
Planner: Britton Taylor
Account Manager: Jordan Muse
Account Supervisor: Michael Dalton
Art Buyer: Heather Smith-Harvey
Photographer: Hugh Kretschmer
Typographer: Cathy Ormerod


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16609 pencils

It's a great colorful image, but it's not a Cannes winning idea.

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7611 pencils

one hell of a weird campaign thou..

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pez's picture
1800 pencils

THIS won a Lion?!...C'mon!!!!!.....

koraysa's picture
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What is this? This ad is terrible.. Tv spot is someting else. They gave it a lion just becouse it's a known campaign.

kleenex's picture
36180 pencils

The print ads go well with the TV spots..

sirvan's picture
29870 pencils

This is BS. It only won because the OTHER work was so good.

Cannes sucks.


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Boxey's picture
8885 pencils

Agreed. Agreed. And agreed.

atb2005's picture
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First it was " the man your man could smell like", now it's the place your man could smell like. If I was looking for a job as a copywriter and pitched that line about fresh smelling places, I don't think anyone would hire me..

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
1900 pencils

Turns out to be nothing special. Well, Isaiah Mustafa is. The campaign is not.

abdeLooK's picture
252 pencils

don't like this campaign, not captiving attention

ace85le's picture
3939 pencils

Bad art direction. Didn't like it. This year's Cannes judges are blind.



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bhuvneshwar.chd's picture
991 pencils

the use of space, elements & color are excellent,.

awesome art direction.

i like it. enjoy the Lion.

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Leynou's picture
29 pencils

it goes with the tv ad ! And the tv ad is great !!!! Here it's only because the man is an icone.

That One Guy's picture
That One Guy
266 pencils

that place doesn't look very refreshing at all.

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