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he's holding the neck too tight.

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this is sick. I didn't like it... is he fucking this animal and holding its neck too tight - cuz he cums?

Snerkadoodle Snr.'s picture
Snerkadoodle Snr.
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No no, he is not "fucking" the animal. He is some sort of cowboy living in the deserts of central South Africa. That bird is his horse, it is possible to ride them you know, although I wouldn't give it a go.

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Nice jelly...hahhha

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You have to pull it's neck back in order to make it stop, like pulling the reigns on a horse. It doesn't hurt and isn't harmful. It's also all you have to hold on to...

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I didn't know you can ride this bird. Wow!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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And how do you know it doesn't hurt?
Oh, the bird told you!
Sorry. ;)

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It's OK, he said you'd make fun of me.

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courts= Creative Director: Noel Cottrell, Andrew Whitehouse, Justin Gomes
Art director: Andrew Whitehouse
Copywriter: Justin Gomes, Mike Pearson
Photographer: Sacha Waldman
Transportation: bird

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i like this ad, you guys
it's simple and if it's true they ride these birds, then this shoots the target right in the face.
local cowboy clothes.

beside, looks style for birdboy clothes.

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where's the rest of your work courts?

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HAHAHA jellygoose ur one funny fuck! that cracked me up.

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