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in turkey, it's legal for anyone to sneak up from behind and stab you in the lower torso. you can only file a complaint if the wound is in the upper torso.

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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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bullsh*t. our penal codes were adopted from the italian penal codes.

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nobody could understand you? what do you mean?

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U kidding cooties?

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I guess same goes for bad idea...you can have them as long as the client is paying for them :)

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I like this one. :)

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I think this is pretty good

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I like 2...

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Cooties, are u nuts?

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visual pun...blah

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i think cootie has it right...trying to add a little absurdity to a completely obvious boring and tired ad idea!

kudos cootie! beslenmek türkiye!!!

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and that means i could also rob a bank with this bottle?

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Stabbing or no stabbing... this ad is weak.

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i didn't mean no disrespect. i also didn't claim to be 100% sure. i guess i shouldn't have phrased
what i said the way i did. i read it somewhere...or may be saw it on tv. and that stayed with me..
in my mind. i didn't make it a point to memorize it. it just came back and i put it in here, is all.
and it doesn't have anything to do with the ad being good or bad. what i said seems more like a
tactical move in a game of speed-chess. like bringing your queen out too early in the game. it's
abrupt. a player who prefers positions doesn't expect that kinda move. it leaves your opponant totally flabbergasted and wonderin' what the heck was that. i just brought my queen out too early. no hard feelings. i'll try to do better next time.

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fuck are all you guys crazy?

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