Olay: Marker 3

Surgical markers can do prettier things.

Advertising Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina
Photographer: Vincent Dixon

March, 2008


Jonny Lonestar's picture
Jonny Lonestar
282 pencils

holy crap that's terrible. i feel dumber already.

black marker on face. so. not. at. all. pretty. reminds me of drunk passed out frat boys. not. not. not. pretty.

doworkson's picture
242 pencils

yeah i'm with lonestar on this one.

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
937 pencils

where in the world is a face all painted with a black marker nice?

vote4pedro's picture
4601 pencils

horrible retouching. this might have worked if the drawing were more intricate and beautiful. something along the lines of the painted indian hands that won in cannes. but then it might lose the plastic surgery feel. so it probably wouldn't work.

Charlie Pratt's picture
Charlie Pratt
427 pencils

Not great. Confusing.


Guest's picture

I do these plannings on my patients, but not as art, art is the result... Estetik www.cenktokat.com

battlefield's picture
49 pencils

is that the b-tch from madman?

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