Olay: Cop

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Ed Jones
Art Directors / Copywriters: Neeraj Sabharwal, Anjum Shaikh
Photographer: Candy Kennedy

August 2008


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Bundy Agency
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unless Ivan has decided to post some stuff from the 80's that was re-done in the early 90's and the knocked off at the start of the new millenium,
i would say these have been done

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nice and clean

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I conjure up the passport version.

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sorry but i didnt get it!!!
any help guys?

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the product makes you look younger. though that should have came across in the message. it's relying on people to already know what the product does to understand it. thats difficult to bring in new consumers. the ad is creative but the effectiveness lacks so i'm gonna say "no, it's not effective. bad ad."

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the first campaign made in Germany looks better

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David Hasselblad
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Hey guys I've got an idea: in stead of thinking up new ads, why don't we just make the old ads AGAIN?


....You're fired.

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and there is also a Land Rover ad where a guy is trying to cross the border but he's a looks a bit more hairy than he was in his passport so he0s not recognized.

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i think what they're getting at is the age on the card. the bouncer was stronger, as most have said. cop is a little cliche. passport maybe, i was going to say airline ticket agent, but i think i'll withdraw that one.


ooh ooh! liquor store cashier!

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done !!!!

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I think the photo could be better. Without reading the copy I can't understand what's happening (as an art director I know what's going on but I'm putting myself as a consumer).

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can't believe the same agency copied their idea...

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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I've learned one thing: some agencies in the East have a very peculiar attitude towards originality. This ad has been done, done, done some years ago by a German agency and won in Cannes. Why don't you just browse Cannes archives before you post something like this an embarrass yourselves?

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has no one noticed that if a police officer is curious about the age on your driver's license you appear to be younger than 16 or 18?
does this product make you look pre-pubescant?

The bouncer is a better example, but not a good one.

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This idea should have done diffrent way. It's not working.

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ohh i saw it today n liked it


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